A new agency to accelerate biomedical science can succeed, under the right conditions

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FEBRUARY 16, 2022

by Dr. Aysha Akhtar and Dr. Paul Locke

Orginally published in The Hill on Februrary 16th, 2022


The creation of a $6.5 billion Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, also known as ARPA-H, is one of the most exciting initiatives proposed by President Biden in his full budget request to Congress for Fiscal Year 2022. ARPA-H is to be modeled after the similarly named Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which has proven successful in accelerating ground-breaking, out-of-the box technologies for the military. According to the budget request, increasing direct federal spending in health will drive transformative and innovative research, as well as quicken application and implementation breakthroughs to enhance health.


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