CCS Partners with MatTek

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DECEMBER 09, 2021

MatTek, a BICO Company, announced today its partnership with the Center for Contemporary Sciences (CCS), an organization founded by scientists to champion and advance more human-relevant testing methods with industry, policy, and regulators. MatTek will take on a scientific advisory role and lend its industry expertise in existing human-relevant testing methods.


The Center for Contemporary Sciences’ goal is to educate, connect, and support the scientific research industry with modern innovations that replace animal testing. With a science-driven mission that recognizes that animal models are not translatable to human biology, CCS places emphasis on human-relevant methods that currently exist or can be developed, to provide a more accurate human response and bring safer, more efficacious products to market for consumers.


CCS’s mission complements MatTek’s mission to support human-relevant research by providing synergistic life science products and services. MatTek’s suite of lab-grown human tissue models, including skin, eye, respiratory, gut, and vaginal tissue types, are micro-physiological platforms that recapitulate human biology better than those of whole-animal or animal-derived models, providing a more accessible, cost-effective, and biologically comparable approach to preclinical evaluation for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and consumer goods industries.


“Currently, nine out of ten drug formulations that pass the animal tests in preclinical screening will fail in human clinical trials, partly because animal models are not translatable to human biology,” said Kevin Causey, Vice President of Business Development for MatTek Life Sciences. “Our mission overlaps with CCS’s mission to bring better scientific tools to the preclinical testing process that can reduce clinical failures and ultimately bring safer, more efficacious products to market.” He added, “Partnering with CCS to provide consultation on feasible and accessible alternatives for their partners seamlessly blends with our mission and initiatives.”


“The science overwhelmingly shows that animal tests are poorly predictive of human outcomes,” says CCS CEO and Co-founder Aysha Akhtar, MD, MPH. “Patients are desperately in need of treatments that work, and lives remain in the balance as long as we continue unreliable animal testing. We need better methods, and we need them now. Replacing animal testing is a win-win for humans and animals and we are incredibly grateful for the immense experience MatTek brings in human-relevant testing methods.”

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